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Full Swing Golf

Developer: MagicLab Creative Studio

Have Fun & Improve Your Swing in This Virtual Golf Driving Game! Just Hold Your Phone And Swing Like a Golf Club, Master Your Swing Tempo & Hear Your Ball Explode off the Tee! - A Fun Break Anytime Anywhere - Gets you Standing Up & Stretching Out -
- Play In Career Mode To Improve Your Rank From Baby to Pro, or Just Hit the Driving Range for Fun -
- Simple Controls Means Anyone Can Hit A Long Drive But it Takes Real Skill To Be a Pro -
- Improve your Tempo , Swing Smooth and Hear A Satisfying Connection -
- Its Never Raining on the Full Swing Golf Driving Range -
- Now 100% Free to Play for Android -
Full Swing Golf is a simple & fun Virtual Driving range game, simply hold your phone as you would a golf club and with a smooth steady stroke, swing the club and hear the ball fly off the tee. Improve your swing while taking a break with this fun golf driving game. Much nicer to stand up and strech out to take a break then stare at your phone + practice your golf swing when you can't hit the golf course...oh no, is it raining on the course? Not in Full Swing Golf, take a swing today!Check out more fun games here: